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About SCA Management

SCA is one of the leading talent management agencies, representing artists in all media of the industry, from Musical Theatre to TV and Film.


The Agency was started in the 1980’s and has gone from strength to strength under its director Gaynor Sheward.


SCA believes for a partnership to work with a client, it is vital that there is communication between Artist and Agent. SCA has deliberately kept its books small, so that each client represented is given the personal touch, therefore not making the client feel like a number.


Over the years SCA has built up a wealth of experience and built up many contacts within the industry to ensure to ensure we provide the best opportunities for our clients and the best talent for casting director.

DIRECTOR | Gaynor Sheward


Gaynor trained at the world famous Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, and has worked in all media of the profession, from commercials directed by Ridley Scott, to West End plays starring Sir Ralph Richardson.


She has appeared in numerous West End Theatres including Drury Lane, The London Palladium, Her Majesty’s Theatre and The Strand (now the Novello).


Gaynor also played leading roles in many TV productions including ‘Only Fools and Horses’, ‘Out of Bounds’, ‘ ITV Playhouse’ and ‘Grange Hill’ to name but a few.


Her first love was always music and she was delighted to work with a wide range of producers including Mike Batt, Micky Most, and Henry Mancin, and has sung backing vocals on various records and soundtracks.


After getting fed up with living out of a suitcase, Gaynor decided to go behind the scenes and started to work as a child Agent, where she started the careers of artists including Martine McCutcheon, Gabrielle Anwar, Kelly Brook, Derek Hough and many more, and then later switched to representing adults.


She firmly believes that it is important that the Agent and Artist work together, and that the Agent should know all their clients, and not think of them just as a number, and has deliberately kept SCA Management to a select number for this reason. She also believes having worked on both sides of the profession enables her to see both sides of any situation that may arise.

What our Artists Say



“I have been with SCA Management for the past 7 years. I’ve had a great mixture of good auditions, musicals, plays, TVs, films and commercials ever since I’ve signed with them. There was a period when I couldn’t book any jobs and lost all my confidence, but Lyndsey and Gaynor were always encouraging me, pushing me, and always believed in me, so with their constant support, I’ve built a nice selection of credits on my CV! What I particularly like about SCA is that they didn’t typecast me, which gave me different options and opportunities in different fields in this industry. I just let it happen and I’m very happy with where I am now!”




“I have always been grateful to have SCA as my agents. I have been with them since 1999, getting me into West End shows such as Miss Saigon, The Lion King and more recently Here Lies Love at the Royal National Theatre. They have looked after me through the different stages in my career, keeping in touch, and sensitive to my needs as a client over the years. I am looking forward to many more opportunities they bring my way as a more mature artist today.”


“I've been with SCA Management for 6 years. They're not just an agency, they're a family. Any questions or queries, I just pick up the phone and ask. They've worked hard to get me seen for so many things, and pushed and pushed to get me on the right career path. I would definately recommend representation from them if you want your career to be really cared about. These past 6 years have flown by and I look forward to many more ahead.”

Gia Macuja Atchinson


Rina Takasaki

Gaynor Sheward nurtured me as a boy, in fact that is not quite accurate. She quite simply mothered me and schooled me in most things not just this business. As my career escalated I decided to move to one of the bigger agents which, after many years I realised that I never had the same kind of communication that I had received at SCA and that personal touch. With Gaynor I knew that my best interests were at the heart of it! Even while spending time with other agents I continued my communication with Gaynor and after many years she has taken me back into the fold and already the momentum has begun! Her constant tenacious and professional approach and attention to detail not to mention her skills as an agony aunt! Always at the end of the phone, always available to support. Here’s to many more years to make up for the ones missed out! Many thanks Gaynor. Much love.

Myles Cork


Thanks you for your message.



I have been a client of SCA Management for many years and have found that the entire organization, especially the care, support, and personal attention of Gaynor Sheward beyond reproach.  She has always kept me feeling safe, secure, and well looked after.

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